We buy & operate SaaS companies.

Hi, We're XO Capital. We're a micro private equity company that buys small, profitable SaaS companies.

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Selling your business doesn't have to be hard

We're founders ourselves, and found the sales process to old school PE firms a dated, and inefficient process.

More importantly, as founders we felt like we were handing our company off to people who didn't know a damn thing about tech.

We want to change that. From bootstrapped, indie hacker companies to YC companies that couldn't sustain the VC growth path, we want to be the new home for awesome, profitable companies.

Sound good?

We'll take it from here

We're an experienced team of operators who focus on engineering, and growth. Between the 4 core partners, we've collectively raised over $20M and sold 3 companies before starting XOXO.

We most often purchase from a small group of founders who want to completely exit the business. We have the skills to take over engineering and take the company to the next level. We're interested in growing your company, not shutting it down.

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Our Acquisition Process


We prefer bootstrapped SaaS businesses doing under $50k in MRR. Generally, these businesses have one to four founders and have raised very little capital (if at all).

That being said there are cases where we will consider a "dirty" SaaS business (i.e. a SaaS business with some kind of service component or vice versa)



Once we agree on a price, we move quickly trying to close within 30 days. There's not a lot of back and forth. We try to give fair offers. If the amount isn't right, or the timing is not right, no worries. Check back in when the math makes sense.


We make transferring the business as painless as possible. Generally that process takes under 30 days until you're totally out. We have a solid dev team ready to take on products in multiple languages.

Once you help us make our first commit, and our first deploy, we can generally handle it from there.

And feel free to stay in touch after you sell! We know what it's like to be curious about the progress made after a sale.



Super Quick

Selling a company is always a bit stressful. Luckily, the whole process was super quick & super smooth with XOXO!

Dirk Hoekstra
Founder, Screenshot API

Swift & Transparent

Selling Sheet.Best to XOXO was a swift and transparent process. Their communication is effective and leads to mutual trust between the parties. I can now build my next businesses knowing we transferred our product into excellent hands.

Nihey Takizawa
Co-Founder, Sheet.Best

Best Thing We've Done In Years

Selling Toybox to XOXO was the best thing we've done in years. The team is communicative, transparent, and they move quick. They know how hard it can be to sell a business (they're all founders themselves) so they made it incredibly easy for us to do so. I'd highly recommend working with their team and we're psyched to see where they're going to take Toybox!

Brendan Mahony
Co-Founder, Toybox (YC S18)

Responsive & Knowledgeable

XOXO were awesome to work with throughout our acquisition of Toybox Systems. They were responsive, knowledgeable, and truly wanted to help make the deal successful for all of us. They worked to ensure everything was well organized and honestly represented. I wouldn't hesitate to work through another deal with XOXO in the future!

Zach Hendershot
Ceo, Crux Digital

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Danny Chu
Andrew Pierno
Henry Armistead

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