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XOXO Fund Alpha offers co-ownership in profitable, growing software as a service (SaaS) companies for accredited investors per US regulations.

We purchase profitable, perennial SaaS businesses at a great price, and grow them.

So far, we have purchased 3 SaaS companies and have demonstrated our ability to grow and operate them efficiently.

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The Fund At A Glance

Acquisition Targets

Bootstrapped, profitable, perennial SaaS businesses making between $5k to $25k MRR.


- Labor Arbitrage
- Profitability > Growth
- Hold > Sell.


- No management fees
- Fundless Sponsor model (deal-by-deal)
- Take 20% Net Profit
- Distribute 80% Net profit to shareholders


Is this for accredited investors only?
  • Yes. If you decide to pursue an investment, you will receive a request for accreditation verification from a third-party accreditation verification system.
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