Looking for a CEO in training. A college grad to shadow us and learn what it's like to run a company

Our portfolio company Cold Email Studio is looking for a jr-ceo to shadow, learn, and grow into a CEO.

  • manage day to day operations of the business (with help!)
  • be responsible for bottom line revenue growth and customer retention

Job brief

This one is a little unusual. Our portfolio company Cold Email Studio (https://coldemail.studio) is looking to hire a paid jr-ceo who will shadow and learn how to run a hybrid software / services business.


  • Top line revenue growth
  • Day-to-day operations
  • Sales, marketing and reporting
  • Making customers happy


  • Recent college grad
  • Excellent (and we mean excellent!) written and verbal communication skills.
  • Mostly looking for someone hungry, and eager to learn.
  • Ideally, after a year or two of this, you'll have enough experience to start your own business, or continue more formally growing Cold Email Studio (or one of our other portfolio companies)


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